A Primer on Wooden Conservatories

If you’re interested in buying or constructing wooden conservatory furniture, there are a few things that you should know before you get started. Wooden conservatory, especially solid hardwood conservatory, are generally much more costly than other uPVC alternatives. This is primarily due to the fact that hard wood and solid hard wood conservatories are perceived to be a more traditional and luxurious option over uPVC alternatives.

One good reason for this is that wooden conservatory furniture is usually handcrafted using only the best of materials. If you have ever used uPVC conservatory furniture then you’ll know that most manufacturers will use cheap materials with inferior quality workmanship, which can easily crack, peel and warp. Also, uPVC furniture tends to have a shorter lifespan than wood – which is another huge reason why it is generally more expensive. Another big drawback of using uPVC furniture is that it’s difficult to waterproof, so it becomes very important to regularly maintain and clean it if you want your conservatory to last longer wooden conservatories.

Wooden conservatory furniture can be purchased in a variety of styles. Some people choose their conservatory furniture in a traditional style where the furniture will generally include a table, some chairs, perhaps a table lamp and maybe even a fireplace – all of which will be made from hardwoods such as oak, cherry, walnut and pine. However, there are also a number of other styles and materials that are available to choose from including bamboo, wicker, resin and even wicker basket furniture, which are made from sustainable palm trees.

Wooden furniture is certainly more environmentally friendly and therefore is a good option for your conservatory. But the downside is that wooden furniture may not last as long as you would like because wooden furniture can break down quite quickly if not maintained properly. Also, wooden furniture is far from ideal when it comes to ventilation, as they don’t have any openings to allow air to circulate, so conservatory furnishings may need to have regular cleaning, and in order to keep them looking good they will also need to be treated to repel dust and dampen drafts. Regular vacuuming and maintenance will help ensure that your conservatory furniture remains in tip top condition for many years to come.

You can save a lot of money on your conservatory by making your conservatory furniture from solid wood, because this type of furniture is cheaper and it will last for many years. However, you still have to bear in mind that there are still some limitations to using timber furniture made from timber, such as the fact that your furniture won’t last as long as uPVC or plastic furniture because it will rot too quickly. Also, furniture made from timber is not as easy to clean and maintain as furniture made from PVC, as wooden furniture does not require the same level of ventilation as the latter two conservatories.

Finally, it’s always important to bear in mind that your furniture, no matter what style and material you choose, should be safe to use inside and outside your conservatory, since there are various types of pests and insects that will easily enter your conservatory if you do not take precautions. So if you plan to keep pets, be sure to use suitable and approved pet-proof furniture on your conservatory to avoid these problems. To prevent the growth of pests, it is essential to keep your wooden conservatory well ventilated at all times, and if possible, place your furniture near the door.

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